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Tim Thomson . Sculptor

I am an object maker, it is how I define myself and how I make sense of my life. I have been a maker for 30 years. My experience spans diverse materials and processes. I create my own work and I accept commissions.

Recent work


I enjoy the problem solving of commission work. Client's requirements, subject matter, location, audience, budget and time frame provide the parameters within which I can create a unique and appropriate outcome.

I have experience with public and private commissions of varying budgets and scales. I am able to complete commissions from concept, through project management, to installation.

Personal work

I am inspired and excited by so much of what I see around me. I see potential in the forms and textures of found objects, manmade and natural. I see through the lens of what my process makes possible. Replication, repetition, the different languages of different materials and the way they can be worked. The potential to make the ephemeral robust and durable.

When working figuratively, I am fascinated by nonverbal communication, the way we hold ourselves and the postures we adopt that broadcasts our emotions and state of being. It is a language that is easily recognised and read.

My workshop is located in the Adelaide Hills

I can be contacted by email: